Our Protea in the ICC Hall Of Fame


By Mary-Anne Desai

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 10 of VARSITY News.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) was founded back in 1909 and is known to officiate all international matches through specific non-bias guidelines and systems. Most importantly, they acknowledge cricket talent on a global scale.


The ICC provides rankings of men and women cricket players who have shown potential to become legends in the great hall of fame. The ICC hall of fame is the equivalent to Meryl Streep winning an Oscar for the first time, or football supernova Ronaldo winning the annual Golden Boot. Only a few lucky players get chosen and remembered for the rest of cricket history.


They recently announced on the 23rd of August via social media that their 2020 inductees are Lisa Sthalekar from Australia, Zaheer Abbas from Pakistan, and South Africa’s one and only, Jacques Kallis.


Jacques Kallis started his international career in 1995 and retired from it in 2014. He received this award for not only getting 10 000 runs and taking 250 wickets in the Test and ODI cricket series, but also ranked as ICC’s player of the year in 2005 and his continuous achievements within South Africa.


Jacques’ other accomplishments include being the top test batsman for 592 days and remaining top player during 493 matches. He also spent 4028 days as best all-rounder during the test series.


Besides Jacques’ rankings, he is also an incredible Protea player who when received this award said that, “it was nice to be recognised’’, especially in this sport, and that he found joy in ‘’winning games’’, no matter what team he played for.



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