A Year in Review

By Emma Sacco (Editor-in-Chief)

It is with such honour that I take up the position of Editor-in-Chief for 2022. Working at VARSITY for the past few years has been an experience filled with learning, joy, and camaraderie. This year in particular I have been a close witness to the incredible work of the Senior Editorial, to whom I owe a large amount of my writing, editing, and leadership skills.

This year has been one with many difficulties for VARSITY, due to the ongoing pandemic as well as online learning at UCT. Despite these challenges, the Senior Editorial has produced seven editions of the paper with engaging, insightful, and important articles covering major events that took place in 2021. Some of the initiatives that the Senior Editorial took this year include the interview with Vice Chancellor Phakeng, where our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Lerato Botha, was able to connect with the VC and ask her important questions regarding the devastating fire that took place in April, providing students with answers during a time of great uncertainty and worry.

A restructuring of VARSITY also took place this year in order to further align the paper with other prestigious student newspapers and to improve efficiency within the production of VARSITY, two goals that the Senior Editorial achieved seamlessly through hard work and effective communication with the entire VARSITY collective.

As we move towards the beginning of a new year, our vision for VARSITY continues to grow, with new ideas and exciting developments already in the works. VARSITY is a newspaper that offers important and relevant news which specifically pertains to UCT students, as well as covers news events on a larger, international scale. Next year, we aim to broaden our reach and connect more with our audience – we want VARSITY to be a safe space where students can express their concerns, their news, their opinions, and their art.

VARSITY has remained an effective and engaging student-run newspaper for nearly 80 years, and it is with great pride that we continue the important journalistic work that has taken place at VARSITY over the past eight decades. As we end this year and reflect on VARSITY’s work throughout 2021, we vow to retain the same exceptional standard of the newspaper that this year’s Senior Editorial has upheld, and look forward to new initiatives, new ideas, and new voices to come in 2022.

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