Disruption sparks vigilance

A group of unknown individuals– not affiliated with the University– interfered with examinations in UCT’s Sport Centre, causing uncertainty in the campus community. 

by Chrisli Markram (Staff Writer)

On Monday morning, June 6th, 2022, a group of individuals entered an examination room where the International Trade and Finance exam was written. According to an anonymous witness, the individuals entered the exam building right after students finished writing, just as the scripts had to be counted. These individuals threw papers on the floor while encouraging students and staff to leave.  The witness notes, “Staff did manage to collect all the answer booklets.”  The witness reiterates that no one was aware of a protest happening and it had an, “intimidating effect.” 

The SRC was first to send out an official statement via email a few hours after the incident, and addressed the university’s “lack of insourcing of casual workers,” preventing those workers from receiving the same health and pension benefits as other individuals employed by the University. In connection to this the SRC’s statement further says, “We urge all students to have patience and stand in solidarity with our mothers and fathers to find a resolution to the issues. The SRC further urges management to call upon suspension of the University activities…” 

UCT management sent out a response to the University community on Tuesday morning stating: “UCT condemns these actions in the strongest possible terms. It is an infringement on the rights of students to sit their mid-year exams in a conducive environment”. Furthermore, the University of Cape Town declares its support to those affected by the disruptive events, clarifying that the interruption was not caused by individuals directly associated with the institution. 

Ergo, in accordance with the Universities policies, the SAPS was contacted. In terms of the remainder of exams the statement says, “The university will be on heightened alert for any trespassers attempting to come onto our campus with ill intent.” This statement made no reference or comment to the issues addressed in the SRC’s statement. 

As some students still had to complete their exams for the semester, Monday’s incident created a precarious environment for the remainder of the semester, with CPS on heightened alert to prevent the event from repeating itself. 

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