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Written by Muyo Koloko in Letters

The article in the first issue of Varsity in 2016 raises some important issues that need to be addressed. Firstly, indeed sport is for everyone. It is important to have a variety of sports available to people, and to be sure that all sport is as open and inclusive as possible. UCT boasts 38 sports, and at the core of these sports is student involvement. 

Prior to the preceding article being written the Student Sports Union (SSU) had already met with management of Stellenbosch’s wheelchair rugby, and goal ball clubs. From this meeting fixture dates have been  proposed and  will be announced soon. Further, In 2015 a survey was sent out to sports  clubs’ committees asking them about their transformation and development initiatives including if they are both competitive and social, do they have equipment rental or loan facilities for members that may not be able to afford kit, do they have development activities aimed at engaging with the wider public and attracting potential future members to apply to UCT, and is their club open and accessible to all. From conducting this survey it was decided that each club should have a dedicated Transformation  Officer  on  its  committee.  Further,  it  was  agreed  that  transformation workshops should be held with sports clubs to firstly gauge what their current demographics look like and how they feel about them. Secondly, the workshops aimed at sharing experiences, problems and mulling over potential solutions to transformation issues in sport at UCT. 

We had also already sent out a survey to users of our own Disability Service to ascertain how involved they are in sport and if there are any barriers we should address...continued online.


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