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On Thursday, April 9th, the statue of Cecil John Rhodes was removed from UCT’s upper campus. The removal coincided with the same date a month ago that UCT student, Chumani Maxwele, protested at the statue holding a board that read “Exhibit White Arrogance @ UCT”.

The demonstration went on to gain momentum with an open dialogue taking place on Jammie Plaza on March 12th, an Open Assembly on March 25th and various other dialogues initiated both on and off campus. The formation of the Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) movement was sparked by these events and on March 20th, a march was led by UCT students, workers and academic staff to Bremner Building – which the students have unofficially renamed Azania House.

This year a student sold a comprehensive study guide to a large group of students in the Humanities Introduction to Politics course (POL1004F), outside Beattie Lecture Theatre, for R80. The guide contained summarised notes, essay questions and answers and exam preparation essays, all of which had been compiled by the aforementioned student who had taken the course the previous year.

UCT has commenced with a program to award and recognise students for the extra-curricular activities they are involved in during the university year. The Enhanced Curriculum Award, which is co-ordinated by Careers Services, will be given to a select group of individuals who meet the requirements and have shown a particular commitment to further learning and skills development. The program is currently in a pilot phase and the process will be assessed at the end of the year to decide how to develop and improve the award for the future.

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As the assignments fly in and we have to start neglecting our social lives to get our work done, we find ourselves longing for the days when we had far fewer responsibilities: the days when naps were compulsory, and the days when our parents would give us dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for dinner. This whole “young adult” thing has been fun, but I think it’s high time to forego the hangovers and go back to being a child – here’s why. 


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The Varsity Cup Sevens Tournament will take place on 25, 26 and 27 April. The Tournament will be played at Villagers Rugby Club.

As with all Varsity Cup events, the margins are very small and this tournament will be a massive challenge for the UCT team.

 The format of the Tournament is gruelling to say the least. Each team will play 11 matches over the 3 days – 5 on day 1, 4 on day 2 and two matches on the last day.

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is easy to see why. With hardly any barriers to entry and the fact that we live in such a beautiful city makes getting out and running incredibly fun and rewarding. In the last edition of Varsity we featured a whole page dedicated to running and have carried this over to our online space. We also spoke to some runners and asked them some questions, here is what they had to say: 

Having taken a break last year, Varsity Sports Beach Volleyball is back in full force this year and happening on Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd of April at the University of Western Cape.

At the start of the year I set myself a goal of running a half-marathon. To the regular runner, this is not big deal. To a first time participant in a half-marathon, it is natural to be a bit anxious. So, how do you prepare for something you have never done?

The morning of Two Oceans started off like most races. Wake up a few minutes before two obnoxious alarms go off (pity the fool who relies on just one). Fumble around in the pre-dawn darkness for the light switch and put on your blue UCT Athletics Club (UCTAC) race kit.