On Tuesday, October 6th a group of students, UCT staff members and outsourced employees marched from Lower Campus to Upper Campus as part of a university-wide protest against the system of outsourcing.

From September 28th to October 2nd RainbowUCT hosted a series of events on campus as a part of their annual Rainbow Week. The aime was to raise awareness around issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community at UCT.

Five short summaries about what's happening around the world and in South Africa.

Following recent protest action against outsourcing at UCT, workers have spoken out about the exploitation and mistreatment they have faced as a result of UCT’s decision to outsource essential services to private companies. The introduction of outsourcing at UCT in the 1990s resulted in a loss of benefits for the workers and many have been receiving salaries below the minimum wage.  

A large percentage of students experience mental health issues while at university. However, there is a lack of adequate awareness around this and limited support is provided for students who are struggling with their mental wellbeing. At UCT, there are certain support structures, such as Student Wellness and the Mad Hatters' Society, which offer assistance to students affected by mental illness, although these bodies are in need of further support themselves.


"why are you fighting with me?"


"This isn't new to the social order"

"Labels are not always helpful"

Last year I completed my Bachelor of Social Science degree armed with three majors, yet I felt like a jack of all trades and master of none. I had no real idea what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I wanted to specialise in something. So I applied for an Honours programme. When I was accepted, I found myself back at UCT pursuing my second degree.The amount of research I had to do along with postgraduate seminars and compulsory academic events I had to attend was quite overwhelming.


Tuesday, 29 September was officially dubbed Trevor Tuesday by proud South Africans as the acclaimed South African comedian, Trevor Noah, made his debut as host of The Daily Show. Raised by his maternal grandmother in Soweto, Noah explains in the opening monologue of his first show that on no occasion did he dream he would have “an indoor toilet and a job as host of ‘The Daily Show’.” This momentous milestone is evidence that dreams really do come true.

Halloween holds a special place in many of our hearts—the fun of dressing up, the anxiety of being tricked and the ability to become someone different for just one night provide endless possibilities for us each year.

With few haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and trick-or-treating areas, South Africa often leaves eager revellers wanting. As such, it is often necessary to make your own Halloween fun.

If you can survive Cape Town’s winter, you can essentially survive anything. With relentless downpours, blistering winds and mood swings that would put even Gretchen Wieners to shame I think it’s safe to say that we’ll all be heaving a collective sigh of relief as summer finally starts making a sneaky appearance.

While on a morning Jammie recently, I had the pleasant experience of sitting next to a girl eating a double packet of Fritos for breakfast. Being a generally healthy-eater myself, I was horrified. It made me wonder what kinds of food students are putting into their bodies during the most critical time of the year: exams. Are possibly hundreds of students during exam time running on totally unsubstantial nourishment?

Photography is all about light; this should be your number one consideration. After all, this is how cameras actually take the photograph.

The element that controls this light is the aperture. This refers to the circular opening in the camera lens that lets light in. The size of the opening is measured in f-stops which are written like this: f/22. It is important to note that the larger the number is, the smaller the aperture will be and vice-verse.


On September 19th, 36 UCT divers took to the waters at False Bay Yacht Club and joined in on the International Coastal Clean-up Day. The Clean Diver event saw ten black bags of debris (containing cans, buoys, pliers, and other interesting objects) being removed from the ocean in an UCT Underwater Club initiative to help raise awareness for the environment as well as funds for our Marine Explorers Programme and the NSRI.   

The UCT Sports Awards is an annual Gala dinner held at Kelvin Grove which highlights the successes of UCT Sports players, teams and club committees throughout the year. The awards offer an opportunity for the players, coaches and administrators to let their hair down and celebrate the success that they have achieved over the year. This year’s awards will be held on the evening of Friday, October 16th. 

It seems crazy to think that this time last year I was nervously waiting to see what the reaction would be to my first Sports section. Since then the section has grown and with the help of some incredible writers, a fantastic collective and the UCT sports administration we have put together some great articles. Thank you to all those that have contributed and all those that have taken time to read what we have put out. I hope you have enjoyed it.

I was wondering about what I would inspire my fellow fitness fanatics with this week, when I got the idea of a fun run -more specifically, a colour run! For this edition I decided to bring you an upcoming event that is open to everyone who is looking for a fun way to spend their weekend on 17 October (and yes, you don’t have to be fit for this one). The colour Run is coming back! 

UCT Fencing – 

Ruth Amoore