The SRC Report Card is an annual VARSITY project that is conducted to assess the performance of each year’s outgoing SRC.

The 2015 Student Representative Council (SRC) elections took place across UCT campus from September 15th to September 19th. Thirty candidates ran for 17 seats on the SRC with the two SASCO candidates dropping out of the race shortly after voting started.

Hong Kong police remove protestors
Hong Kong – Pro-democracy protestors were removed from the main government compound by police on September 26th. Police cleared the area following clashes the previous night, which involved the use of pepper spray on the protestors. Nearly 30 people were injured in the clashes and 13 people were arrested. The activists were opposed to Beijing’s decisions to rule out democratic elections in 2017.
– BBC News

The Campus Copy and Print (CCP) service team has been expanding the services offered to students to enable greater use of cell phones. The new services include mobile printing, web deposits, CCP Dashboard and a Doc Q Manager.

On September 18th, in a nationwide referendum, Scotland voted against independence from the United Kingdom (UK). There was a substantial voter turnout with around 85% of the population taking part in the referendum. The decision was finalised with a vote of 55% to 45% in favour of the union over independence.


One of the biggest challenges students face is debt, which creates a glaring injustice when privileged students are equated with those in need of financial assistance.

With increasing levels of apathy among students, we have to question who initiates discourses around student issues and how inclusive this discourse is.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) should ideally function as a well-oiled train. Every now and again some of us will try and jump on when the train slows down but more often than not we fall off.

A look behind the news desk: Do UCT students actually value the presence of an independent student newspaper written by students for students?

UCT Student, Jordan Pfotenhauer challenges the notion of race being a no-go topic and questions why “black” a swearword to white South Africans.


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How to get out of res and into digs.

You’re treading down Albert Road in a new pair of hand-painted Vans, happily cradling your latest haul from that vegan chocolate shop..

What you need to know.


One of the most popular sporting questions asked around braais and at bars across South Africa and the world revolves around whether your favourite sportsman or woman is the greatest of their era or the greatest ever.

Mike Tyson, footballer Luis Suarez and cricketer Andrew Symonds all have one thing in common: they are all known for their bad behaviour off, and sometimes on, the pitch.

Whether we like it or not, sport is a clearly gendered area. Masculinity and sport are closely linked and there is an assumption that all men enjoy watching and playing sport, while a different set of expectations exist for women.

The Kodokwan Ju-Jitsu Club the first club under the South African Ju-Jitsu Association (SAJJA).

Sport from a fashion perspective.