The UCT Queer Revolution (UQR) was established in reaction to homophobic comments made by Zizipho Pae, Acting President of the SRC Vacation Committee on June 28th. The movement is aimed at providing a voice for the LGBTIAQ+ community in a space that privileges heterosexual experiences. The UQR has organised protests calling for action to be taken against Pae and for the recognition of queer bodies at UCT.

5 short summaries of international, national and health news

5 summaries of major international news events that happened during vac

From July 14th to July 16th 2015, UCT hosted the Re-ACT Student Social Responsiveness Conference on Upper Campus. The conference focused on re-defining, re-evaluating and re-thinking social action and provided a space for discussion around social responsiveness initiatives.

A draft sexualities policy has been formulated at UCT, with input from various university structures, to encourage a learning environment which focuses on the inclusivity of all sexualities and gendered identities. This policy addresses discrimination and exclusion based on sexuality, and aims to introduce new guidelines for engagement on these issues.


"Law is a double-edged sword"

The tightrope of student leadership...

"the fight looks entirely against the West and Western media"

Our Deputy Ops Editor jumps into the fray of a wild crowd...

"Uber has come as a rude and unsettling intruder"


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The pearls of the Cape Town night life.

The Joys of Holiday Travels

In the last 5 years, fashion blogging has been lifted out of obscurity and placed squarely in the centre of pop culture. Young women who have a keen interest in fashion, photography and styling have been creating spaces where they can express themselves and engage with a like-minded audience. The following is a sample of blogs you might consider adding to your daily browsing list. One blogger who is definitely worth watching is Cape Town-based Aqeelah Harron Ally (@fashionbreed).


Anyone who has visited the Cederberg – a remote, mountainous area – knows about the infamous “Cracks”. The Cederberg boasts some incredible rock formations such as the Arch and the Maltese Cross, sites that can only be reached on foot across treacherous terrain.

We arrived at 8am, and set off up the steep incline. Due to our large group – of which the majority were over the age of 50 – we had to have several breaks along the way, making our climb stretch over two hours.

Welcome back to varsity. 

Mpumelelo Mhlongo can clear 1,85m in the high jump.  That is impressive.  The fact that he is able to do so when one of his legs does not work properly?  That is record-breaking.  This is because the third-year chemical engineering student is physically disabled; he was born with amniotic band syndrome and a club foot.

UCT tees off in the 2015 South African Universities tournament hosted by University Sport South Africa (USSA) at Port Shepstone Country Club.

No matter what the occasion, it is always hard to fill the seats of a stadium or sports venue. Whether because of transport issues, the cost implication or accessibility problems, it isn’t uncommon to hear of venues having roughly ten or twenty percent empty seats.