On Thursday October 23rd Nnete Mojaesi Malebo, a Commercial Science student at UCT, was found dead in her room in Clarinus residence. The cause of death is still unknown, although students in Clarinus have been informed of her passing.

Rainbow UCT held events from September 29th to October 3rd in order to celebrate Pink Week. These events included a talk, a movie night, a something. Pink Week was re-launched this year as Rainbow Week in order to be more inclusive to the LGBTQIA community.

VARSITY Newspaper survey 2014

On Monday, October 13th 2014 UCT’s Department of Student Affairs (DSA) hosted the 12th annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony. The event took place in Molly Blackburn Hall and featured distinguished guests, such as the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price, and all four Deputy Vice-Chancellors of the university. Other attractions of the event included live performances by UCT’s Jazz Band and the UCT Choir.

The Fossil Free UCT Campaign held two events on campus during meridian on Tuesday, September 30th, and Wednesday, October 1st. The Campaign was officially launched on July 30th and proposed the possibility of divestment from fossil fuels at UCT and investment in renewable energy sources. The events served as an introduction to the proposal and aimed to make UCT aware of its investment in fossil fuels and the impact that this has on the environment.


In a country where many underprivileged African women are oppressed by mechanisms like racism and poverty, whilst living in a society dominated by patriarchy, it is easy for them to become despondent when looking at future prospects.

In South Africa we have extraordinary female leaders who inspire hope in the hearts and minds of young African women. One such leader is Fatima Chohan, the two-term Deputy Minister of Home Affairs.

Bending our budgets for branded merchandise.

After years of trying to get the spy tapes that got President Jacob Zuma acquitted of at least 783 charges, and despite heavy resistance, the Democratic Alliance finally has access. Now, it turns out, some of the transcripts have been leaked. There was reportedly factionalism threatening to tear the party apart at the time. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

South Africa's controversial nuclear power deal with the Russian Federation.

Can nail polish save you from rape?


Exams are a stressful, high pressure time for all of us as students. The Art of Living UCT Students Society specializes in dealing with stress and negative emotions. Here are our Top 10 tips for dealing with stress and improving concentration.

It’s that time of the year again, where “spending time with #bae” (that being your girl/boyfriend) is converted to “spending time with #bbae” (which simply means Books Before Anyone Else). However, in as much as the baes may be abandoned for books, we all unite for one thing: PROCRASTINATION.

Here are six ways we can all unite through positive procrastination during exams:

The perfect escape from city life

Aléz travels to Paris to review the the seventh instalment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

We say goodbye to the VARSITY Collective of 2014


This year was another strong year for the wakeboarding club. In the face of boat troubles, the club expanded its operations to the Dirty Habits Playground cable park in Durbanville which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. The park uses the revolutionary System 2.0 cable setup which allows for almost continuous riding and hitting of obstacles. It is situated ideally at Hillcrest Quarry, and offers perfect windless conditions even when it’s howling in the rest of Cape Town.

UCT Taekwon-Do offers training in the school of ITF. Our teachings include patterns, sparring, self-defence (ranging from simple grab and holds to gun defence), theory and discipline. The club has experienced a substantial growth  in numbers this year. Unfortunately we didn't enter any competitions in 2014, but we plan on changing this next year. Our greatest achievements for the year have been the two gradings that we hosted, in which our new and returning members advanced to higher levels.

The Hockey Club continues to thrive as one of UCT’s biggest sports clubs. The club boasts nine men’s teams and seven ladies’ teams who compete in the Western Province Hockey League.

The Gymnastics Club has done incredibly well for itself this year. A committed turnout for demonstrations during O-week saw more sign-ups to the club than in any year in recent memory. With weird warm-ups and debilitating (yet, somehow, enjoyable) conditioning sessions, on top of their regular exercises, the coaches managed to keep a firm grip on our members’ interest in gymnastics throughout the year.

This year has been a challenge for UCT Football Club. With numerous structural changes taking place, the year was a relatively turbulent one.