5 short summaries of events happening in South Africa and around the world

On March 31st, Liesbeeck Gardens Residence launched the #KnowYourNeighbour campaign to encourage interaction and build relations between students in residences. This followed a statement released on March 21st by Liesbeeck Residence, which said that the residence would be approaching Residence Council regarding how mental health is handled in residences. The aim is to get the ‘Residence Council to engage the university management to look into the [spate] of suicides in residences and put in place systems to help students with psycho-social and other suicide-inducing problems.’

On March 15, 2016, the SRC received a two million rand donation from Old Mutual towards their #Fundingfutures campaign. The hand over took place at the company’s head offices in Pinelands. Busi Nxumalo, the Corporate Relations Officer of the SRC, expressed her deepest gratitude towards Old Mutual for their generous donation. She hoped that it would set an example for other corporate companies to get involved.

Earlier this year, as a facet of the decolonisation project at UCT, questions were raised regarding the lack of diversity in the university’s academic staff.

5 short summaries of events happening in South Africa and around the world.


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