Intro to Res (RES1000F)

Intro to Res (RES1000F)
Kay-Lee Dramat

If you’re a fresher and new to the world of UCT residence, then take a breath, relax, and leave it up to this quick guide to get you clued up on all things RES.

First, Let’s Talk Food: If you’re wondering if res food gets better than it currently is, then I am sorry to tell you the answer is no. Also, get used to the Henties juices, because they’re here to stay. A smart tip is to have a lunchbox so you can have a take-away from the dining hall. Meal vouchers are accepted at most places in the cafeteria, but if you want value for your voucher, you have to check out the Sport Centre’s sandwiches. Please take note that First Year Spread is real, and assuming you still want to have a beach bod by December, you have to take care of yourself. This basically entails keeping fit, or stacking up on the green salad at mealtimes.

Being a fresher in res also means you’ll most likely have a roommate. And I hope you like your roommate, because you’ll be catching some zzz’s in the same room for the rest of the year. So having a roommate means that you two will either be BFF’s or frenemies. To prevent the latter, it is important for you to lay down the law and start setting those boundaries so you don’t drive each other insane or end up begging the sub-warden for a new room.

Now, Let’s Talk Hygiene: Bathrooms are communal and you don’t know if there’s anything lurking around on the shower floors, so to prevent a case of catching something gross, always wear shower shoes. Also, living in res requires you to do your own laundry, so be sure you know how to do yours because sometimes clothes have the ability to shrink after a spin in hot water. And if you get the flu in the winter months, you can always knock on Student Wellness’ door.

Keeping It Lit: Res life can entail a lot of lit parties (Marquardians can back this up). So if you like having a good time, be sure not to miss res events. Unfortunately, you might end up giving in to the temptation of turning up with the squad instead of finishing that essay or submitting that tut. This is why it’s key to remember that your degree is the main reason you’re here.

Remember to abide by res rules, because you definitely want to steer clear of the Disciplinary Community. Living in res can literally be some of the best years of your life, so have fun, engage in res culture, and familiarise yourself with your surroundings.