Slayinguation 101

Slayinguation 101:
Lindokuhle Matina

Noun: To totally ‘kill’ a language and create your own, solely based on the frequent usage of catchy phrases used by young people in the process of reluctantly developing from a child into adult, basically all of us.

Origin: Derived from two mutually exclusive words; slay and language. I just added the ‘tion’ because… still waiting for my justification? Well that is why you need to read this my friend; when slayinguating you don’t have to justify yourself. I mean, for who? For what?

So, fundamentally, my job here is to combat exclusion merely based on language barrier well in our case the “slayinguage” barrier to be exact. Here are some helpful definitions:

Spicy: when a person is being sassy and tells it like it is.

99: (pronounced nay-nay) it means someone is telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

TBA: guys TBA is not the name of a building. It's an abbreviation which stands for ‘to be announced.’ I know, because I thought so too so don’t die of shame just yet.

I make the things that it cannot make that pots to be done:
(originated in south Africa)
It’s a bit of a mouthful but this phrase, my dear friends, has revolutionised the English language. I mean, who needs rules, right? Who needs concord and syntax? This phrase simply means that you get things done like nothing or like nobody else can, so ultimately you are the best there is. Refer to YouTube for better understanding of the context.

Lit: used in everyday conversation to prevent people from sleeping during conversations, because of the exhausted and over usage of the adjective ‘nice.’ Synonyms include ‘off the hook.’

Shook: when someone is profoundly affected by something. Synonyms include touched.

Chommie: friend

Yho: substitution for words when you are purely shocked. Could also be a sound a person makes when they don’t want to do something. (Please do consult a slayinguage expert on the appropriate and correct execution of each distinct context).

Shade: when someone is being mean but in a subtle (low-key) way.

Extra: this term is self-explanatory, it’s when a person is being unnecessary.

Just: is a justification without justifying yourself, like, its allowed guys, FINALLY!

Savage: when you are being bad a**… hint (donkey).

Aweh: yes

To conclude
I hope I was of service to our international students, out of town students and to the special students who live in that paradise we call under a rock. Start slayinguating, it’s good for your health and it’s scientifically proven that if you say at least 5 of these phrases a day you… okay I was about to lie, do it because it makes the pots of English to be done guys. Until next time! Do not play with fire.