Mind Sports South Africa

Mind Sports South Africa
Catherine Fulton

Taking competitive gaming to the next level

I’m sure you have all heard of the debate surrounding chess as a sport. Yes, chess doesn’t involve any of that physical exertion associated with sports like rugby or soccer, but it does exercise the mind. Chess isn’t the only mind sport out there; in fact, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is a whole world of competitive online gaming.

They are so popular now that South African schools are not only involved, but take part in provincial competitions for PC gaming. This February, the championships that took place on the 11th had involved more schools than ever before. Many of the top private and public schools from seven provinces were involved. Players took part playing games such as CounterStrike, GO, DotA, FIFA ’17, HearthStone, League of Legend, StarCraft II, Tekken Tag Tournament II, and VainGlory.

The Online Schools Championships open up opportunities for people to take part in the National Protea Teams. School championships allow players to qualify for the coveted National Team Trials, which are to be held on 4 June 2017. These Online School Championships remain an important foundation phase to the development of eSports. As universities are also becoming more involved, any gamers out there who want to try their hand at competitive gaming can contact claws@myuct.ac.za. They are a society of Cape Legion of Adventurers and War Gamers. Happy competing!

Info and image provided by Collin Webster, MSSA general secretary.

(see image of computer gamers provided)