Nominations for TB Davie Memorial Lecture

Written by Office of the Registrar in Letters

The Academic Freedom Committee invites UCT staff and students to submit nominations for the 2015 TB Davie Memorial Lecture. The TB Davie Memorial Lecture is an important event in UCT’s calendar and an opportunity to affirm and clarify the values of academic freedom in our contemporary context and to stimulate debate.


You can find a list of previous TB Davie speakers here:


Nominations should not exceed three pages, and should include

(i) a brief curriculum vitae of the nominated speaker

(ii) a motivation for the nomination.


Nominations should be submitted via email to Denise Benjamin ( on or before Monday 10 March 2014 or posted to Room 141, Bremner Building, Lower Campus, UCT.


The 2014 TB Davie Memorial Lecture will be held in the third quarter – further details to be circulated in due course.


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