UCT response to G4S article

Written by Patricia Lucas in Letters

Dear Varsity Editor

The subhead below the headline for the lead story in the latest printed edition of Varsity (“G4S Above the Law?” 14 October 2014) refers to “human rights violations committed by G4S at UCT, as well [as] on a national and international scale”. This statement is false and is unsupported by the text of the article. G4S has never been accused of human rights violations at the University of Cape Town.

The article says: "G4S security guards stationed at UCT have complained about exploitation and mistreatment.” UCT conducted an independent investigation over a year ago into a G4S staff complaint and the situation was amicably resolved by all parties. Complaints by G4S at UCT have dealt with staff issues. No complaints have been filed at UCT with regard to human rights violations.


Patricia Lucas

Manager: Communications & Media Liaison

Communication and Marketing Department

University of Cape Town


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