Khanyisa Pinini

Khanyisa Pinini, previous SRC President and current SRC Vice President Internal, issued the following statement on the SRC Reshuffle.

Salma Khan

President Jacob Zuma delivered his annual State of the Nation (SONA) address at the opening of parliament in Cape Town on Thursday, February 12th. The speech focused on key issues facing present-day South Africa such as energy constraints and poor economic growth. The address was preceded and largely overshadowed by a forced removal of Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF), Members of Parliament (MPs) and a subsequent walk out by members of the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Robyn Ausmeier

The catering company C3 Food Services replaced Fedics as the new residence caterer from January 1st this year, after the previous contract expired at the end of 2014. C3 has been assigned as the new food provider for the next five years, catering to eight UCT dining halls, and the management has assured that there will be a number of changes to the meal system.

Aisha Abdool Karim

The SRC released a statement on Thursday, February 12th confirming the decision to reshuffle the postions of President and Vice-President Internal in the SRC. The motion to reshuffle the SRC was put forward by Mmamalema Molepo, SRC Sport and Recreation Co-ordinator, at a meeting held on Tuesday, February 10th. The vote was done by secret ballot and passed with a two-thirds absolute majority, with 11 in favour, two opposed, and two abstaining. The reshuffling of positions took place on Wednesday, February 11th where SRC members decided who would assume which new position.

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Tasneem Amra and Aisha Abdool Karim

On February 5th, the case against five young men including a UCT student who are accused of assaulting a Stadium on Main cleaner was postponed in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court until March 26th for further investigation.

Razeena Palekar

UCT Orientation Week began across faculties on Wednesday, February 4th when hundreds of new students were welcomed onto campus. The introductory week included faculty specific information sessions and campus tours as well as the annual Freshers’ Braai held on Thursday, February 5th. This was followed by Plaza Week, beginning on February 9th, giving students an opportunity to decide upon their extra-curricular activities for the year.

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Parusha Naidoo

On Thursday, 19 February the opening of the Student Parliament was held in the Wilfred and Jules Kramer Law Building. The event was attended by students belonging to the various faculty councils and development agencies. Also present was the SRC and staff from the Department of Student Affairs.

Aisha Abdool Karim and Robyn Ausmeier

On Tuesday, February 10th the SRC convened a meeting regarding the reshuffling of two of the executive portfolios. The motion passed with a two-thirds absolute majority, voting in favour of reshuffling the SRC portfolios of President, Khanyisa “Baz” Pinini, and Vice-President Internal, Sean Woodgate. As of today the reshuffle will be put into effect.

Dean Horwitz

The 2015 UCT SRC assumed office on Saturday November 1st and their first matter of business was accepting the resignation of two of their DASO members, William Cahill and Jessica Pollock. On October 24th, Cahill tendered his resignation followed by Pollock on October 31st; both cited academic and personal reasons for their resignation.

Aisha Abdool Karim

On Thursday October 23rd Nnete Mojaesi Malebo, a Commercial Science student at UCT, was found dead in her room in Clarinus residence. The cause of death is still unknown, although students in Clarinus have been informed of her passing.

Niel Vernooy

Rainbow UCT held events from September 29th to October 3rd in order to celebrate Pink Week. These events included a talk, a movie night, a something. Pink Week was re-launched this year as Rainbow Week in order to be more inclusive to the LGBTQIA community.


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Parusha Naidoo

On Monday, October 13th 2014 UCT’s Department of Student Affairs (DSA) hosted the 12th annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony. The event took place in Molly Blackburn Hall and featured distinguished guests, such as the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price, and all four Deputy Vice-Chancellors of the university. Other attractions of the event included live performances by UCT’s Jazz Band and the UCT Choir.

Alex Hotz

On September 23rd, the ANC National Executive Committee officially boycotted the security company G4S, cancelling all of its existing contracts. This decision follows similar actions by institutions, organisations and companies in protest against the occupation of Palestine. This has placed additional pressure on UCT to review its existing contract with G4S.

Salma Khan

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) resumed lectures on Monday, September 29th, after violent strike action persisted on its campuses since Wednesday, September 10th. TUT’s Student Representative Council (SRC), alongside student body members, boycotted lectures and engaged in strike action against the lack of funding for financial aid students from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), racist lecturers, outsourcing of cleaning and transport services as well as a demand for a financial disclosure on the salaries of the University’s executive management.

Daniëlle Van Der Spuy & Guy Cunliffe

The Fossil Free UCT Campaign held two events on campus during meridian on Tuesday, September 30th, and Wednesday, October 1st. The Campaign was officially launched on July 30th and proposed the possibility of divestment from fossil fuels at UCT and investment in renewable energy sources. The events served as an introduction to the proposal and aimed to make UCT aware of its investment in fossil fuels and the impact that this has on the environment.

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Mahlatse Phasha and Aisha Abdool Karim

Negotiation talks between the Chinese government and pro-democracy protestors were set to take place on Friday, October 10th. However, these talks were cancelled the day before due to the increased action taken by the protestors.