Aisha Abdool Karim & Robyn Ausmeier with research by Megon Venter

From August 17th to August 21st, a number of events were held on campus to commemorate the third anniversary of the Marikana massacre, where 34 mineworkers were killed by police on August 16th 2012. These events were hosted by different forums and societies to discuss issues around the mistreatment of workers in Marikana and to contest UCT’s involvement with Lonmin Platinum Mines, the company for which many of the slain miners worked.

Yogi Shoba

On Saturday, August 8th, a robbery occurred near Liesbeeck Gardens. This incident caused concern amongst students regarding safety beyond the boundaries of the residence.

Tinotenda Masando

A bomb exploded on Monday, August 17th, killing 20 people at the Erawan Shrine, a shrine popular with both tourists and locals in central Bangkok, Thailand. Of the 20 people killed, 12 are said to have died on the spot, and more than 120 people were injured.

Tanya Magaisa

State of emergency declared in Ferguson 

United States – On August 10th, during a peaceful gathering to commemorate a year since the killing of Michael Brown, one of the protesters, Tyrone Harris, was badly wounded after police opened fire. Police officers stated that Harris had shot at them first. He was charged with assault, which his father says is untrue. The assault coupled with civil disobedience across Ferguson led to authorities declaring a state of emergency.  

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Third anniversary of the Marikana Massacre 

Nyiko Maroleni

The University of Cape Town has proposed a new smoking policy that aims to guarantee air free of tobacco smoke to all those on the University’s campuses.

Aisha Abdool Karim

The UCT Queer Revolution, a movement started during the June/July vacation period, was created in order to raise awareness about the dangers that freedom of speech can pose, with particular focus on individuals who hold leadership positions, and how to avoid issues similar to what happened after Zizipho Pae, President of the SRC Vacation Committee, was called out for expressing homophobic views.

Nico Nomyayi

Following the change in caterers in 2015 from Fedics Food Services to C3 Catering, students at UCT residences have expressed their discontent about the food served by the new catering company, claiming that the quality has declined.

Yogi Shoba and Robyn Ausmeier

On Thursday, August 6th, the UCT Faculty of Humanities held an assembly in Jameson Hall to discuss issues of transformation within the faculty and the university as a whole. Tutorials and lectures were postponed for the duration of the assembly to allow students and staff to attend.

Adam Kleinschmidt

On July 19th, music producer and entrepreneur Samuel DuBose was shot and killed by a police officer, Ray Tensing, in Cincinatti, Ohio. The event was captured on Tensing’s body camera footage.

Aisha Abdool Karim and Robyn Ausmeier

On Thursday, August 6th, at the sitting of Student Parliament, questions were raised about the functioning of the SRC and their ability to represent the interests of the students.

Nikhil Gilbert

The Math Hotseat application is a new study resource designed by the Mathematics hotseat app team, comprised of students and headed by Tasimba Chirondo, a final year Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Student. The app allows students to enter complex maths functions and receive a detailed step by step output based on the type of problem. It is particularly useful for first-year maths concepts – namely function analysis, differentiation, integrals and statistics.

Courtney Hope and Gape Masole

Japan marks 70th anniversary of atomic bombing 

HIROSHIMA – Thursday, August 6th marked the 70th anniversary of the world’s first ever atomic bombing on Hiroshima. Thousands gathered at the exact time that the bomb was dropped in 1945 for a moment of silence. Many attendees reiterated the need for peace, following Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s promotion of a security bill that would deploy Japanese soldiers for the first time since World War II. 



Uganda finds bride price refund practice unconstitutional 

Aisha Abdool Karim with information by Shannon Bernhardt

The annual election process for faculty councils has begun, with nominations for faculty council positions closing on Friday, August 7th.

Robyn Ausmeier & Aisha Abdool Karim

The UCT Queer Revolution (UQR) was established in reaction to homophobic comments made by Zizipho Pae, Acting President of the SRC Vacation Committee on June 28th. The movement is aimed at providing a voice for the LGBTIAQ+ community in a space that privileges heterosexual experiences. The UQR has organised protests calling for action to be taken against Pae and for the recognition of queer bodies at UCT.

Gape Masole

5 short summaries of international, national and health news

Adam Kleinschmidt

5 summaries of major international news events that happened during vac

Robyn Ausmeier

From July 14th to July 16th 2015, UCT hosted the Re-ACT Student Social Responsiveness Conference on Upper Campus. The conference focused on re-defining, re-evaluating and re-thinking social action and provided a space for discussion around social responsiveness initiatives.

Robyn Ausmeier

A draft sexualities policy has been formulated at UCT, with input from various university structures, to encourage a learning environment which focuses on the inclusivity of all sexualities and gendered identities. This policy addresses discrimination and exclusion based on sexuality, and aims to introduce new guidelines for engagement on these issues.

Aisha Abdool Karim

Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS), Properties & Services, and other departments have been in the process of upgrading lecture venues and classrooms on campus during winter and summer vacations.

Marguerite Beningfield

Information about the OUTZONE IN Campaign, which provides counselling to students or staff who are questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation, or have been experiencing a difficult time due to recent events.