Lauren Snitcher

A letter in response to the recent 'Apartheid: What's in a Name?' article. 


Is Israel not an apartheid state?

Daniel Mackintosh

In September 2011, the UN Security Council will vote to decide on recognition of a Palestinian State in all of the land occupied in the 1967 war. The immediate result would be that Israel is occupying land belonging to a fellow UN member, opening up legal and moral-political avenues to Palestinians to advance their fight for freedom.

Elizabeth Triegaardt Assoc-Prof: UCT School of Dance

I again register my strong objection to the publishing of a picture of two “models” pretending to be ballet dancers in the centrespread of your publication of 13 September.


The spread gives the impression that it is portraying the performing arts as taught at UCT, and includes a quote from one of the dancers in our department. The implication is that the “models” are from the UCT School of Dance, and that this is the standard of classical dancer trained in the dept. This is misrepresentation and irresponsible journalism.

Richard Cheng

For me, as problems and fears go, climate change has changed in its categorisation over the years.  It was in the “bogeyman/monster-under-the-bed” category – something that certain witnesses swore was real (and the responses were generally “aw, that’s cute”), but no one really believed them.  Later it became like UFOs with more and more “evidence” emerging.  As this green revolution evolved, I started to think of climate change like sweatshops in China – I’d accepted that they probably existed, but what was I supposed to do about it?  And now?  Well, it’s probably the fat, pink elephant in my room.


Michael Mbikiwa

It was excellent to see that Equal Education’s human rights day march formed the lead story of Varsity. The article did well to highlight the disappointment of the non-attendance of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga. However, there is one aspect of the article that was very troubling. In illustrating the disappointment of the crowd at the Minister’s no-show, the writers interviewed one of the nearly 20 000 learners to find out his response. He is Ben Goble, a grade 12 learner from Westerford.


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