In a World of My Own

Written by Jena Ascough in Senior Editorial

When I was younger I used to spend my days dressed up as Alice from Alice and Wonderland: apron, blue dress, knee-highs, Alice band with a bow and all. 

I think it was my way of blending the real world with the surreal. I could escape reality and jump down the rabbit hole whenever life seemed a little to dull.

Nowadays it’s a little different. Instead of dressing up in cos play I concoct imaginary situations in my head – like how things would play out if I actually did give into the urge to throw my cell phone out the open car window on the highway, or throw my car keys over that bridge and into the river. 

I think we all create these imaginary universes to satisfy our inner deviant – the one that tells us we could just not do that assignment that’s due tomorrow because that would be so badass and cool. And I think these hypothetical universes are important; they help us to think things through to their potential consequences so we don’t actually have to suffer them. 

But I also think it’s important to live through these temptations every now and again. Wear your pyjamas to varsity for a day. Try eating dessert for dinner. Whatever it is that will make you feel like a badass (without dealing with monumental consequences after the fact). 

Or maybe you’re one of those people who is happy to live out their rebellious side in their imagination, which is totally fine too. But me? I’m still seriously thinking of throwing my phone out the window…



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