Ode to My Peeps

Written by Jena Ascough in Senior Editorial

When I’m sad there are three things I like to do: 1. I make a cup of Earl Grey tea, 2. I play sudoku on my phone, and 3. I look at pictures of baby animals.

Over the last week I’ve found about 600 new favourites for baby animal pictures collection (including a picture of a baby llama that looks like a fluffy lollipop. It’s amazing). It’s been a sad week. On top of the countless assignments and tests, as well as the anarchy that is my exam timetable, I’ve had to start retracting myself from the VARSITY team -- a team I have been a part of for three years. So please excuse my self-indulgence, but this column is an ode to the wonderful teams I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

Starting as a measly subeditor in my second year of studies, I got to watch VARISTY’s production cycle as an outsider, hoping one day I could be part of the magic.

Then, the next year I interviewed for the position of Copy Editor -- one of my proudest achievements! I was in the club.

But I feel like all my experiences led me to becoming Deputy Editor of 2015. Working alongside the Dream Team has been such an honour. And so, on record, I would like to thank the VARSITY Collective of 2015 for such a wonderful year – all other teams I will be a part of in the future will be bitterly disappointing thanks to you guys.

I also want to thank my better half, Parusha, for being such a supportive Editor and Chief, co-worker and friend. Thank you for the chats, the laughs and the Thai chicken wraps with no tomato.

But most of all I want to thank Genevieve Harding: my die-hard fan. Gen, thank you for being the only person who reads my column without me asking. You’re the best.

Lastly, to my successor: Yogi, you’re going to have the most amazing year in 2016. I wish you all the best.


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