New Year, New Me

Written by Aisha Abdool Karim in Senior Editorial

Hello and welcome to the first-time readers, and to those of you who are just returning for more. While it is February and we are well into the New Year, I thought I’d share my New Year’s resolutions with you now. This is our first edition and I’m hoping to set the tone for Varsity Newspaper as it will be in 2016. While New Year’s resolutions tend to slip away as the year progresses, I hope that by sharing mine with you it will help ensure that we remain on track throughout the year.

Our goal is ensure that Varsity is able to provide you with the most recent information about what is happening at UCT. If there is an event, talk, debate, protest or anything else of interest happening on campus, Varsity will be there. We want you to have access to as much information as possible so that you remain in the loop about what goes on at your campus.

To ensure that we report the facts

There are a lot of things happening on campus, every time you turn around something new is happening and another issue is being brought to the forefront. While it may seem like the sooner you receive information, the better, we want to prioritise the accuracy and truth within our reporting. We may not be the first to break a story, especially given the efficiency of those of you who are on the ground and have mastered the art of live-tweeting, but I guarantee you that we will double- and triple-check our facts before we publish anything. This is to ensure that we do not misinform you. We will be absolutely certain that we report the truth and are a news source you can trust.

To remain objective

As a journalist and a newspaper, your primary goal is always to remain objective and not let one side sway the content you publish. However, recent coverage of events happening on our campus proves that mainstream media has forgotten this goal and misrepresentation is everywhere. . With bias in sources and selection of information being presented, it’s often difficult to ascertain what is the truth and what isn’t. Our job, as your student newspaper, is to let you know everything that is happening and provide you with the whole picture, in order to let you form your own opinion.            

To maintain transparency

You may have a hard time deciding who you can trust when it comes to finding reliable information. I know it is a great struggle for me, so we want to be completely open about how we operate as a newspaper in order to let you make that decision. You are welcome to come and speak to any of us about a story (our e-mail addresses are all here for you and our office is not hidden away), with a critique or a query, and we will provide you with an answer. If you want information or want to verify our sources (provided they have not requested anonymity), we will be happy to assist you. We are not in the business of hiding anything, nor do we let anything influence the content we publish, so feel free to come by and find out more about us and how we work (we sometimes get lonely on the 5th floor).

To represent you, the students

We are the STUDENT newspaper, so you, the students, are our number one priority. We want to make your voices heard and we want to ensure that you are represented in the most accurate and fair way possible. We are not in the business of people pleasing, so what you want to say and what you want to hear about is what we will publish. You are the reason we exist and you are whom we are trying to represent. We want to give you a platform to express yourself and we want you to be engaged in the content we are producing.



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