Solidarity breeds ire on Atlantic Seaboard

By Imaan Voterson

This article is exclusive to the Online Edition 2 of VARSITY News.


On 23 May, Digital Marketer, Taahirah Abrahams, tied Palestinian flags onto the “Perceiving Freedom” monument in Sea Point, in solidarity with Palestine.

In a video circulating on social media, a woman is seen approaching Abrahams and asking her about the board she held. The board read “From the River to the Sea” which Abrahams believes to have led the woman to question whether she was a terrorist. 

The woman claimed that Abrahams would not have been seen as a terrorist if she had tied Israeli flags to the monument instead. 

In an interview with Isnad Academy, Abrahams claimed that the disruption had initially begun elsewhere. She states: “It started at the V&A Waterfront when a friend and I put up posters and flags on the sculptures of the country’s four Nobel peace prize winners. Many people were unhappy about it. People told me it is a disgrace that I put these posters on Nelson Mandela’s statue.” 

They were told to remove their posters and flags by the security guards, as many people complained about the posters being placed on private property.  

However, they were also met with support on the same day in Sea Point, with  many people coming out as part of the picket, standing in solidarity with Palestine. 

During April of 2021, tension escalated in Palestine as a result of Israeli actions and restrictions against Palestinians. Following 11 days of violence, a ceasefire was declared between Israel and Hamas. It was called after over 240 people were declared dead.

People from all over the world have been in on-going protest in support of the lives and well-being of the Palestinian people.



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